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Glass First Surface Mirror

Glass first surface mirrors have an optical grade mirror coating on the face of the glass that maximizes reflection and minimizes distortion.

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acrylic fsm

Acrylic First Surface Mirror

Designed for retail displays and special lighting applications. Acrylic mirrors are half the weight of glass and easier to cut and shape.

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trapezoid fsm

Trapezoid First Surface Mirror

Our online trapezoid price calculator allows you to input your measurements and order the first surface mirror cut exactly to your specifications.

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Product Information

We make it easy for you to order custom size, optical grade front surface mirrors. All mirrors are edge-sanded for your protection, carefully packaged, fully insured, and shipped immediately. Use our calculator to get pricing or call us at (419) 842-4554.

Applications requiring a true reflection with no ghosting effect use first surface mirrors, also known as front surface mirrors. Regular mirrors have a mirror coating on the backside of the glass that creates a faint secondary reflection. First surface mirrors have an aluminum mirror coating on the face of the glass that maximizes the amount of light reflected and minimizes distortion.

Our 1λ optical grade glass mirrors are ideal for high precision applications such as lasers, optical imaging/scanning, projections, high-speed photography, binocular mounts, telescopes, periscopes, kaleidoscopes, 3D printers, film transfer devices, and military flight simulators. Glass first surface mirrors custom sizes range up to 50″ x 32″. We also offer λ/4 flatness mirrors for superior surface flatness, which is ideal for applications where the reflection is being magnified. 

Acrylic first surface mirrors are strictly for applications where quality is less important such as hobby projects, signage, toys, optical illusions, and stage lighting effects. Acrylic first surface mirrors custom sizes range up to 97″ x 49″. 

Our company is a world leader in the distribution of first surface mirrors. With over 12 years experience manufacturing mirrors of all kinds, we have the expertise to quickly and accurately answer any questions you have. 
Mirror are carefully packaged and shipped with full insurance. Smaller sizes can typically be shipped in a cardboard box or tube, and larger orders may be crated and shipped via freight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately 96% for the glass, 94% reflective for the acrylic, though the actual reflection depends on the wave length of the light and the angle of incidence. 

enhanced aluminum wave chart

We ship internationally all the time! Keep in mind we don’t pay duties/taxes when ordering–these are billed separately just before your package is delivered. Typical delivery time to most countries is 3-4 days via FedEx and UPS.
Glass is superior quality, acrylic is usually purchased for applications where the quality of reflection isn’t critical, such as toys, magic tricks, and lighting effects.
We carefully sand the edges before shipping. If you should accidentally break your mirror, be sure to handle it with glass gloves such as the Atlas brand.

The glass coating is quite durable, due to the silicon oxide overcoat. The acrylic is more sensitive to scratching. Both can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol (lens cleaner) and microfiber wipes.

Less than 2% break in shipping, but we make sure everything is fully insured, just in case. Just let us know if it arrives broken, send pictures of it, and we’ll send a replacement.

You can frame the mirrors with a standard frame or use VHB tape or mirror mastic on the back.

We don’t accept returns because everything we cut is custom, but we do offer samples so you can make sure it works for your project before ordering a full sized mirror.